What does Jesus, and the Bible in general, really say about the Judgment and Salvation?

Do you agree with Jesus' teachings but don't agree with the dogma of Christianity?

Do you have questions about the Judgment, but your priest or pastor could not (or would not) answer them?

Are you a conservative Christian who is very interested in what the Bible teaches?

Are you a Christian who shies away from a literal viewpoint of the Bible because it does not seem to make sense?

If any of the above describe you, you might be interested in and surprised by the answer to the question in green. Most people
hear some version of the gospel but never actively compare the Bible to what they've been told.

If you are interested in Jesus' teachings on the Judgment, I invite you to download the first chapter of a book dedicated to this topic. Chapter 1 will not answer your questions, but it will show that the answers are more interesting (and less obvious) than standard Christian doctrine suggests.  If you download the chapter, please take the 1-question survey at the bottom of this page.

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